The mission of the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine is to educate and empower individuals to heal themselves using herbal medicine.

Greetings and Welcome,

We are delighted to introduce our classes, programs and offerings for year 2018 on our newly redesigned website. Enjoy looking around and get in touch to let us know what you would like to see.  Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine is an herb school that offers residential, hands-on classes in Rappahannock County, Virginia.  We have four ongoing programs and add in a variety from time to time:

New this year is the Herbal Energetics for Advanced Clinic Students. A 6 weekend series to introduce the traditional methods of reading the body and observing information, will aid the herbalist in the art of recommending herbs specific to the individual’s health based on the constitution, energetics and therapeutics.  This course is recommended for anyone who has a background in herbal medicine and wants to see clients. 

Back by popular demand the two series which are the essential to our western herbalism instruction; Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary.  The Foundations program provides the structure and in depth study of phytotherapy.   We learn the phytochemicals, herbal actions and application for therapeutic use as we put together protocols to include herbal tinctures and teas for any and all conditions. 

Herbal Apothecary is the series which teaches how to apply the herbs to every situation in life.  We make products, create new recipes and expand upon herbal traditions.  Each month the students make and take home several products and create others for enrichment.

Farm’ocology series is a group of one-day classes which support land stewardship, soil enrichment, farm fresh foods and ferments.  Each one is a fun, interactive opportunity to learn and experience the topic of the day.  Ecological, Biological, Diverse and Functional supportive information and wisdom is taught to increase self-sufficiency and sustainability.

“Herb Camp” is held in August as a long weekend get away for anyone wanting to be with plants and nature as we learn to identify, harvest and create foods and medicine from the summer plants. 

Future membership benefits and educational opportunities for students of herbal medicine.  Green Comfort will post class handouts, protocols, recipes and formulations as downloadable for education.

Founded by Teresa Boardwine in 1994  Green Comfort’s goal is to offer a variety of educational opportunities for herbal studies, holistic nutrition and food preparation. Teresa also offers advanced programs in herbal education for students who wish to acquire professional membership in the American Herbalist Guild.


Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism

Herbal Apothecary

Thursday Clinical Practicum

Herbal Energetics Clinical Training


Herb Camp

Green Comfort also offers opportunities for apprenticeships. Teresa enjoys teaching diet, nutrition and natural gourmet cooking classes. Some of these course offerings are not being offered at the present time, but could be requested. Organizations and individuals can contract Green Comfort for seminars and lectures based on the groups needs.

Green Comfort Clinical Consultation service is offered with high integrity and great skill. As an herbalist, Teresa Boardwine shares her healing talents and nurturance to those who come seeking. She provides guidance and education as she facilitates the individuals healing process.  Teresa considers it an honor to serve as a health care practitioner in her community.

Teresa Boardwine, RH (AHG)

Founder of Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine

Teresa is a dynamic teacher on health and wellness. Her approach is professional, warm and down to earth. She presents the medicinal information in lay terms in a way that is fun and easy to understand. She teaches how to implement changes by integrating herbs, foods and supplements necessary to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Teresa teaches and conducts clinical consultations at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine. Her passion for connecting people with plants is infectious as she teaches the science and art of Herbal Medicine. Infused with knowledge gained from California School of Herbal Studies, her work as an herbal educator at Smile Herb Shop and as co- founder/instructor at Dreamtime Center for Herbal Studies, she is an accomplished herbalist whose teachings reflect real life experiences gained by 20 years of clinical practice.

Teresa is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild who has lectured for national conferences such as Medicines from the Earth Symposium, Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, North Carolina Herb Conference, UVA, Monticello Fall Harvest Festival, and National Natural Pharmacy Association. She has authored 2 books; Cordially Yours and Herbal Spa with an accompanying DVD of recipes.

 Lecture Topics

As an herbal educator Teresa is delightful, insightful and motivational. Consider inviting her to speak to your community on a specific topic or choose any of the following:

Build Vitality – Reduce Stress, Increase Energy with Adrenal Adaptogens
Food as Medicine – Increase Antioxidants & Lower Health Risks
Sustainable Immune System – Using Medicinal Mushrooms
Female Reproductive System – From Fertility to Change of Life
Reduce Pain & Inflammation – Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
Prostate Health – Supporting the Healthy Male
Healing Lyme’s Disease – Complimentary Herbal Therapies
Creating Home Apothecary – Herbal First Aid (Top 20 Must Have Herbs)
Digestive Health – From Beginning to End

Teachers of Herbalism

My path has intersected with some of the most amazing herbal teachers in North America, and I am glad to be affiliated with them.  When we gather at conferences it is empowering to share information, stories and support for one another.  Our community holds a great variety of ways to practice herbalism and many approaches to teach herbal medicine.  I am thankful that so many outstanding herbalists have influenced my path.  I honor each of them, confident the wisdom they shared will continue to  be reflected in my teachings.

The first herbalist that I met was Chanchal Cabrera, in 1990 Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, Canada.   I knew then I had found my path!  As I traveled down the west coast I discovered David Hoffmann’s books The Holistic Herbal and The Herbal Handbook.   That discovery changed my life’s path and lead me to The California School of Herbal Studies the next year.  David taught phytochemistry and became my mentor.  James Green, author of The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook was the medicine maker and James Snow was the visiting herbalist who demonstrated percolation.  Michael Moore, now the late, great, came as a visiting instructor for two weeks and taught his Western energetics for which he was well known.

The teacher who gave us so much, impressed me with the depth of her knowledge and wisdom, Amanda McQuade Crawford, has continued to be my teacher and now my colleague.  Her books including, Herbal Remedies for Women, are excellent books for specific female issues.

Other teachers I have studied with along the path include Stephen Buhner who gave us books such as Healing Lyme, Herbal Anti-biotics and Sacred Plant MedicineMatthew Wood taught his energetic system at Dreamtime and continues to teach me through his books, Book of Herbal Wisdom and The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism.

Another gentleman who made a huge impact on me is Dr. James Duke. I went to the Amazon with him in 1994 and studied the native plants of the Amazon River Basin.  I took groups of people to his Herbal Vineyard in Maryland and have referred to his books and databases for information and wisdom continually. His books Green Pharmacy and Prescription for Aging, are just a few of the many books he has written which are on my shelf.

Rosemary Gladstar, also has made a huge impact on my teaching as I have taught from her curriculum, Art and Science of Herbology, for years and I continue to refer to her recipes and books for inspiration and truth.

I will continue to grow, expand my knowledge, gain wisdom, treat clients, listen to the plants, and weave all of my life experiences into my teachings.  May all who come to Green Comfort seeking plant knowledge on the green path to herbal wisdom be transformed by the plants as they teach all of us.



    I am originally from San Francisco, now living in Asheville. Your class at the herbal Conference brought back a whole part of my life. I am so excited to have these nutrient, energy-rich , good karma sea vegetables back in my kitchen!

    Happy hippy peace and love to you!


  • “Your clinic is a nursery for me to grow.”

    Anne Walters, 2017
  • P.s. I had this realization the other day that I have such a fun life everyday ... I wanted to share that you've helped me uncover my excitement again by helping me crawl out from under my basket of depression. Really Theresa, I am just so grateful and appreciative for you and your generous sharing of your gifts. You are helping change this big old world of ours ... You are amazing.

    Client- Mariclaire

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