The mission of the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine is to educate and empower individuals to heal themselves using herbal medicine.

Welcome to Green Comfort. We invite you to join us for the classes we have lined up for the 2015-2016 school year. The two classic herbal education programs, Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary are 10 month, once a weekend classes which begin in September. Each of these series will allow the community herbalist to integrate the knowledge, wisdom and craft into her/his home, life and practice. The syllabus for each program is also posted so have a look and register soon to join us.

Matthew Wood is back in October! He is offering Shamanic Herbalism to take us deeper in to the understanding of how plants and animals teach us about their medicine through energetics, doctrine of signatures and journeys. We will dedicate our clinic day on Friday to practice with Matthew while seeing clients. Saturday night there is a special performance on the extinction of flora and fauna and even indigenous people who have spoken for the animals, plants and land. Share that special evening with Matt at 1000 Faces Mask Theater. The Sunday the practice, integration and deeper understanding of how to apply these shamanic techniques to how herbal practices is revealed. A very interesting experience!

7Song is coming in May of 2016!! Mark your calendars. He will be teaching for 5 days on Herbal First Aid and Botany for Survival.  Find his bio and information about him on his website at 7song.com   This is the next step for me personally as my herbalism is going on the road. What will you need at home or in your pack?  Come explore the plant world for the medicine and learn how to apply it.

The single day classes that I like to offer are already on the calendar for 2016.  Botanica Erotica Love Feast an annual favorite, herbal aphrodisiac class will be offered in February. Wild Food Forage Day is in April. Herbal Immersion Weekend is offered in July and Native Plant Identification is planned for next August. There will be other opportunities that aren’t posted yet and we will let you know about them through the  e-newsletter, so please sign up here.

Clinic will be operating with three incredible herbal students on their way to professional membership in AHG. We see clients on Thursday at a reduced rate for the consultations. Formulas are hand crafted to restore balance and improve health. It is a truly healing experience to come to clinic. Consider making your appointment to see us in the Fall. We begin on September 10 and see two clients a day until December 10. Our holiday Open House will be on December 17th, to share cordials and cheer with our community, clients and friends.

May you be blessed with good health and well being,





Founded by Teresa Boardwine in 1994  Green Comfort’s goal is to offer a variety of educational opportunities for herbal studies.  Green Comfort also offers Clinical Training, Integrated Medicine and Holistic Nutrition.   Apothecary and Garden Apprenticeships are available to returning students.   Organizations and individuals can contact Green Comfort for speaking engagements.

Green Comfort Herbal Apothecary Clinic is available by appointment to anyone wishing to discuss their health concerns and  a  holistic healing regimen.  Call or email to make an appointment with Teresa and our clinical herbal staff.