The mission of the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine is to educate and empower individuals to heal themselves using herbal medicine.


Fall is a season on transitions. A time of gathering a variety of seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables. We had a lovely PawPaw harvest, now I have some pulp for baking and cordials. Now the persimmons are falling, so sweet and delicious. I am harvesting spicebush berries to dry for condiments. Some herbs are still giving themselves for tea, holy basil, lemon balm and nettle, while others like lemon grass are ready to dry.  We are still getting tomatoes and oregano, eggplant, peppers and squash so I made our last batch of Ratatouille for freezing. 

The fall is bountiful as we shift into seasonal yellows, oranges and reds. Pumpkins and butternuts, winter squashes galore! Did I mention apples? Apple Crisps, dried apple rings, apple sauce, apple butter, an apple a day… Wherever you are, look to nature, she shows you how to transition, she gives us seasonal offerings to store for coming months. Enjoy all the colors!


Peace & Love,


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Farm’ocology Classes: One Day  ~ 10am- 3pm  ~  $85

 June 21 Summer Solstice Community Garden Day  – Free

For neighbors, students and family – harvest herbs for yourself and for the Apothecary.  We will make some medicine and you can take home herbs to replant, tincture and make syrups, oils and salves.

Bring a lunch or something to share.  We will begin early but feel free to show up around 9 with a water bottle, gloves and a hat.  We have extra clippers and shovels.

June 24 Botanical Sanctuary Development

United Plant Savers offers how to manual we will use to distinguish how to establish your plant sanctuary.  We will share our botanical inventory of the over 200 plants found on the property including the river walk.  Be prepared to be outside.  If you love plants, garden and want to acquire a really cool sign for your place, this class is for you!

June 25 Flower Essences, Energetics and Magic 

Lenna Frances Keefer teaches us how to capture the energetic essence of the flowers in blossom so that we can preserve that vibration and benefit from it.  We will make several, discuss the uses of certain flowers and taste a few too.  Bring a smooth glass container/bowl if possible.  

July 23 Taste of Herbs

Katherine Adams leads us through discovering the plants natural benefits by the sense of taste.  We will discuss the medicinal values of honing this sense and the properties that we taste.  Intriguing concept and incredible depth to add to your herbal repertoire.

August 5 Plant Dyes from Nature  taught by Donna LaPre

Using plant matter to dye fabric is only one of the many gifts this talented artisan offers.  We will learn how to use a wide variety of plants to extract their colors, dye and set the color so that it does not leach.  Materials included for participants.

August 27 Preservation and Fermentation taught by Kellie Hughes

Learn the art to fermentation and preservation of your garden vegetables with the “Get Bubbly”, Kellie.  She will demonstrate the techniques and we will create several ferments to take home. Also we will taste her lovely kefirs, pickles and other ferments she creates.  A perfect take home is how easy and fun this is.


Phyto-Intensives:  Clinical Classes for herbalists and community

One day ~ 9am – 4pm ~ $100

July 22   Energetics and Traditional Diagnostic Skills for the Herbalist 

Introduction to the Four Elements, Principles of Energetic Medicine

and plant remedies. We will demonstrate and practice Pulse Diagnostics

and Tongue Diagnostics. We will discuss the use of the diagnostic techniques to determine the energetic use of herbs for balance and harmony.

Understand the Energetic Materia Medica of Yarrow, Ladies Mantle, Wood Betony, Blue Vervain

August 26 Healing Nerves, Adrenals, Stress, Depression & Anxiety 

Restore weary nerves, reduce anxiety, conquer stress, reverse fight or flight Build stamina, vitality and coping skills with the use of Adaptogens

We will create tonics to restore the nervous system and increase our understanding of the Materia Medica of these herbs: Eleuthero, Passion flower, Chamomile, Kava, and Skullcap


August 11, 12, 13 Native Plant Workshop

Herb Camp” is one of the most special events of our year.  Folks who want to be on the land, in the woods and learning to identify the trees, weeds, edibles, medicinals around them will love this class.  We spend most of our time looking, touching, tasting, photographing, logging and telling stories.  We will make one herbal product a day for a take home.  Some plants maybe potted to take to your woodland gardens.  There are so many plants we can learn from right here in Rappahannock County, come explore the woodland, stream beds, roadsides and mountain tops with me! 3 Day Workshop  $275 with option to come for one day for $100