Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM – 5 PM
A six weekend series held the second weekend of every month


Are you ready to expand your western herbalism practice by learning to apply an energetic model that draws from eastern traditions and sacred plant medicine?

During Green Comfort’s Herbal Energetics Advanced Clinical Training we will discuss elements, the six tissue states, meridians and officials, Ayurvedic constitutions, facial diagnostics, and how to use the senses to collect information. Throughout six Clinical Intensive weekends, we will correlate health and disease to imbalance created by excess or deficiency. Herbal Materia Medica will be specific to recreating balance and a state of wellbeing.

In addition to lectures, we will be seeing clients each weekend and students will be asked to practice their new skills on clients throughout the program. The 90 hours of clinical training from this course may be applied to the American Herbalist Guild professional membership application.

March 10 – 11: Meridians & Officials

Introduction to Energetics
Introduction to the Six Tissue States
Meridians & Officials
Heat/Excitation Tissue State
Traditional Pulse Diagnosis
Materia Medica for Heat – Bitter, Sour, Demulcents


April 14 – 15: Ayurvedic Constitutions

Cold/Depression Tissue State
Ayurveda Constitutions & Doshas
Tongue Diagnosis
Materia Medica for Cold – Aromatics, Stimulants


*May 5 – 6: TCM – 5 Elements

Tension/Wind/Constriction Tissue State
Traditional Chinese Medicine – 5 Elements
Facial Diagnostics
Materia Medica for Wind – Anti-Spasmodic, Nervines

(*Note this is the first weekend in May)


June 9 – 10: Sacred Plant Medicine

Damp Relaxation/Stagnation Tissue State
Sacred Plant Medicine – Journeys
Making the Testing Kit
Materia Medica for Damp – Alteratives, Astringents, Bitters   


July 14 – 15: Traditional Diagnostic Review

Dry Atrophy Tissue State
Traditional Diagnostic Review
Student Clinical Intake Practice
Materia Medica for Dry – Demulcents, Tonics


August 11 – 12: Herbal Energetics Practicum

Balance Elements & Tissue States
Clinical Intakes using all the Traditional Diagnostics
Herbal Energetics Practicum


We will be seeing clients each weekend as well and students will be asked to practice their new skills on clients throughout the program.  Some Materia Medica reading will be required before each class so that we can absorb that information and more effectively apply the energetic model to our western herbal practice as we incorporate traditional diagnostic skills. Refer to the daily class schedule to the right to see how we will flow through the weekend.

Collaborative teaching combines lectures and hands-on experience.  Your teachers and mentors throughout this program include:

Teresa Boardwine RH (AHG): Elements, Tissues, Meridians & Clinical

Stratton Semmes RH (AHG): Diagnostics- Pulses, Face, & Tongue

Lenna Frances Keefer: Materia Medica- Plant wisdom, Journeys & Organoleptics

This advanced clinical training requires a working knowledge of herbs. Once you have submitted your payment to reserve your spot you will be emailed an application to let us know about your prior training in plant medicine. You will also be provided with a syllabus, a book reference list, the Materia Medica for each tissue state, and our detailed weekend schedule. Please purchase Matthew Wood’s book, The Earthwise Herbal Repertory and bring it with you to class.

Weekend Schedule


9:30     Infusion Evaluation

10:00   Introduction of the Weekend

10:30   Element Information

11:00   Pee & Tea

11:15   Tissue State

12:30   Lunch

1:30     Plant Talk/Walk/Experience

2:30     Traditional Diagnostics

3:30     Lab-Pulses, Tongues, Faces

5:00     Closure



9:30      Review

10: 00   Materia Medica of Specific Herbs for Element & Season

11:30    Organoleptic Laboratory

12:00    Lunch

1:00      Clinical In-take

2:00     Traditional Diagnosis

3:00     Pee & Tea

3:15      Assessment & Plan of Care

4:30     Journey with the Herb


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