The Apothecary consist of nearly 200 bulk herbs, and 162 tinctures.  Other botanical supplements are available such as salves, oils, bitters, cordials and elixirs.

The herbs are stocked for clients and students of Green Comfort.  We do not wholesale or distribute.


Located in the Green Comfort yurt, it houses the herb school, the clinic, the apothecary, office and laboratory.   The herbal apothecary is well stocked for medicine making labs, herbal food preparation and tincture making.

We custom blend our tinctures for the individual and make capsules, salves and pessary formulas for specific needs as well.

Herb prices vary in amount per pound.  We charge one rate for loose bulk herbs and another for our custom tea blends.  There are a few exceptions.
Bulk Herbs:
$3.50 per oz.
excludes Ginseng, Reishi, Kava kava
Special Tea blends
$5. per 2 oz. container
Tincture bottles:
1 oz. =   $8.50
2 oz. =  $17.
4 oz.  = $34.
8 oz. = $68.


An excerpt from the Cordially Yours DVD…

Lakshmi Goddess Cordial




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