August 17th – 19th, 2018 9AM – 4PM


Come explore the wilds of Rappahannock  County, Virginia with Medicinal Herbalist, Teresa Boardwine.  Explore the fields, mountains, stream beds and roadside in search for native plants as we forage and harvest our food and medicines. This three day camp is for adults to immerse themselves in nature and become empowered to support their health and the wellbeing of their families through the power of herbal medicine.

Over the course of three days, you will learn to identify and use the local medicinal plants of our beautiful mountain region.  Teresa will demonstrate  methods to prepare medicinal herbal teas, elixirs, tinctures, oils and salves from the healing plants that are so bountiful here. After your time spent at Green Comfort, you will want to incorporate medicinal plants into your home garden and create your own home apothecary with your newly acquired medicine making skills!

This experience is for anyone who wants to learn about the powerful healing properties of plants, how to craft herbal medicines, how to use food as medicine, and how to identify and use the plants around us to support well-being. No prior herbal knowledge, cooking skills or medical training is required.

Limited cabin accommodations are available onsite at Green Comfort and camping is permitted on the property for a fee. There are also many Bed and Breakfast accommodations near Green Comfort. For those who want to attend just for a day or two, you may pay a daily rate. For those who would like to stay on the property at Green Comfort, you may stay Thursday night so you are ready for programming to start at 9am on Friday. Lunch is included in the fee, but attendees are on their own for dinner. The accommodations at Green Comfort include a kitchen, and there are also wonderful restaurants in the area.

$275 for all three days of Herb Camp, not including accommodations

$100 / day Herb Camp daily rate

$50 / night camping fee per person, with onsite bathroom, shower and kitchen access

$100 / night cabin accommodations per person


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