Thursdays for Twelve Weeks 9:30AM – 4:30PM
Session 1: March 8th – May 24th, 2018
Session 2: September 20th – December 13th, 2018


Clinic Practicum is continuing education for herbal students who wish to gain skills and experience in applying their knowledge to clients’ actual health needs. Green Comfort offers donation-based consultations to clients in the community who understand they will be meeting with “herbalists-in-training” to address their health concerns. Clinic Practicum students will work alongside Teresa Boardwine in clinical training to interview clients, take case notes, assess and provide feedback, and develop a plan of care including formulating based on the client’s needs. It is very much a hands-on process as each client is unique in their needs and every formulation if uniquely devised to meet their needs.  This course provides the student hours toward the American Herbalists Guild requirements of 400 hours of client work and 100 clients. Foundational herbal training or some natural therapy equivalent is a prerequisite.

The curriculum includes reviewing Anatomy and Physiology, researching disease states, and developing customized protocols.  During this program,  Teresa  will conduct the consultation and lead discussion of the client’s case.  Students will discuss the course of action, prepare the formulations, and offer the plan of care to the client.  This course is an opportunity  to gain experience as a clinical herbalist.  Come join us!


Protocol Format

  • Researching a condition
  • Presenting a protocol

Case Study Intake

  • Developing a Case Study Form
  • Compiling SOAP notes
  • Creating a plan of care

Dispensing Herbal Remedies

  • Formulating a tonic
  • Formulating a tea

AHG Professional Membership Mentorship

  • Joining AHG as student member
  • Logging hours in class, consulting with clients, and resources for completing certification requirements

Presenting Clients for Discussion

  • Researching protocols
  • Presenting cases and protocols
  • Following up with clients with recommendations

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