Clinical Training

Fall 2017

September 21 – December 14, 2017

12 Thursdays

9:30 – 4:30

Green Comfort offers Clinical Training for the student herbalist’s continuing education. Students must have completed a Foundations program in Western Herbalism and be ready to participate in a working Herbal Apothecary and Clinic.  The clinic hours gained may be used toward professional membership in the American Herbalist Guild.

The purpose of Green Comfort’s Apothecary Clinic is to meet the health needs of the community.  Clients make appointments to discuss their health issues in this clinic setting.  The students of this clinical program benefit from real time training. Students take on the responsibilities of a working clinic.  The goal is to offer the best herbal advice to the client, write an individual health protocol and formulate custom herbal products. The core of this clinical program is training aspiring herbalists to conduct health consultations under the mentorship of the Registered Herbalist, Teresa Boardwine. 

Teresa teaches how to conduct a health consultation, document the case study, interpret the client’s story, assess the health needs and formulate specific to the client’s needs.  Students research the diagnosis and build a formula based on Western Herbal Practices. We discuss the systems involved, list the actions needed and suggest herbs that support health of the client.  The client and students interact in the development of the formulation of tincture and tea.  Upon the request of the client the formulations are prepared and the client receives our suggestions and instructions.  It is typical that we see the client again to follow up.  Students gain real life clinical training and the client receives excellent care.

Clinic students are involved in all of the above, asked to observe, take notes and contribute when asked. Clinic students work on protocol building and research.  They are responsible for booking two clients outside of clinic, conducting their health consultations and reviewing their cases with Teresa.   SOAP (Subjective Observation Assessment Plan) notes are written, presented and reviewed in clinic. 

All students participate in the Apothecary; restocking herbs, medicine making, tea brewing and cleanup.  We often make lunch a potluck and enjoy snacks with our clients.   The day can be extremely busy or more relaxed.  This is our opportunity to demonstrate to the public how a working alternative clinic provides service.  We are changing the paradigm of health care at Green Comfort as we infuse love and the healing force into what we do.

If you are looking for a place to gain experience, be challenged to use what you have learned and develop your protocols before “hanging your shingle”,  this program offers you that opportunity.   We love launching herbalists and have had the opportunity to do so for over 22 years.  Whether you actually set-up a practice or use your herbal knowledge in your current profession, you will gain experience in consultation and herbal formulation. This is valuable every time you are asked, “What can herbs do for me?”

Apply by using the downloadable form.   We will respond with an invitation to join before you need to pay for the four month program.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Clinic Tuition is $900. / 12 x $75.

Paid by PayPal or check to Green Comfort, LLC


Protocol Format

  • Researching a Condition
  • Protocol Presentation

Case Study Intake

  • Developing a Case Study Form
  • Developing SOAP notes
  • Develop a plan of care

Dispensing Herbal Remedies

  • Formulating a Tonic
  • Formulating a Tea

AHG Professional Membership Mentorship

  • Join AHG as student member
  • Log hours in class, consulting with clients

Presenting Clients for discussion

  • Researching protocols
  • Present cases and protocol
  • Follow up with clients with recommendations