Green Comfort Clinical Consultation service is offered with high integrity and great skill.

As an herbalist, Teresa Boardwine shares her healing talents to nurture those who come seeking guidance.  She provides guidance and education as she facilitates the individuals healing process.  Teresa considers it an honor to serve as a health care practitioner in her community.

Private herbal consultations are conducted in person in or by telephone on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Email to schedule an appointment.


As an herbalist, Teresa does not diagnosis nor prescribe.  During the initial intake, the clients medical history is discussed. The health of each organ system is reviewed and dietary intake evaluated. Traditional techniques of constitutional typing, tongue and pulse diagnostics are used to gather more information. Most importantly, the client is invited to share their story. All of which is considered by the practitioner.

Recommendations for teas, tinctures, diet and supplements are based on the individual’s total health picture.

A plan of care will be discussed and agreed on for the client to follow if he/she is chooses to do so. The Practitioner will formulate a tea or tincture to support optimum vibrant health.

Green Comfort Herbal Apothecary stocks over 300 herbs herbs in dry and tinctured form. Formulas are prepared on site. The recommended herbal formula will either be a tea or tincture to balance, tone, nourish and improve the energetics of tissues, organs and systems of the body.

This process requires that the client take an active role in their health. As the client works with the herbalist to re-establish health it may take several months of an herbal regimen to correct an imbalance.

Follow ups will be conducted by phone, email or office visit. Formulas may be ordered and mailed to clients wishing to re-new their formula.

Initial intake $120.00

Followup consult: $60.00/ hr. $30/1/2 hr.


It is Green Comfort’s intent to provide consultations as a clinical healing service. Call or email Teresa to schedule an appointment.  You can pay for your appointment in person by check or cash or online through our shopping cart.

Email to schedule an appointment.

Quote from Clients:

The probability of my finding you is small and I am thankful.   The prophet Isaiah wrote “God has given me the heart of a teacher to bring hope to the weary.”  And you have.    I will follow your guidance and return.   And I need to go out and enjoy this life God has given me, with awareness.

Be blessed,




And thank you for the herbs, tincture, care, expertise, and time.  I am really feeling good these days!!  … thrilled to have found you and your team of awesomeness. M.H.




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