Dyeing with Colors from Nature

Donna LaPre, instructor

August 27, Sunday

  10 – 4

Natural dyes existed long before chemical ones. Every traditional culture had a palette of plants and carefully kept recipes for dyeing fiber & textiles and making paints. The dye colors extracted from plants were often thought to possess magical properties, and, in the practice of Ayurveda, medicinal benefits. When you think about the modern dye and processing chemicals that come in contact with our skin, and enter our bloodstream, it makes sense to consider an alternative way to dress ourselves and our homes.
In this class we’ll learn about fiber prep, including mordanting, and we’ll explore a range of botanical materials on different fibers. Plant substances that offer long lasting results versus ones that are fleeting but fun to play with, especially with children, will be discussed. Everyone will have hands on time in the dye vats and you’ll leave with: basic knowledge of natural dyeing, a sample card of your experiments, plus some silk ribbon.
Dress in clothes you’re comfortable getting stained, possibly, also bring a pair of rubber gloves. All other materials will be provided.

Donna La Pre

Seasoned Biodynamic gardener, Donna is a fully immersed plant person, moving back and forth between her exuberant garden, fiber/ textile arts studio and natural perfume and apothecary products business, Tender Flower. Tutored in aromatherapy, herbalism, flower essences and homeopathy, Donna’s plant love also includes dyeing fabrics and fibers with botanicals.



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