New Class Series offering another level of depth, respect and real connection to the plants, the land and the medicine. Our plant allies need quality living soil to thrive.  Learn to nurture your soil internally and externally by cultivating the proper microbiome.  Add to your food medicine chest by increasing your knowledge of nutrition and preparation of foods, weeds, mushrooms and fermented vegetables. Enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing your food and medicinal herbs from seed to table and bottle.  Increase your sustainable future as you increase your knowledge and skills in the ways of nature with this fun and informative new series.

Come learn with one of our incredible teachers as you expand your connection to the natural world.  Enjoy the variety of topics covered in this diverse line-up.

February 18

              Sustainable Soil w/ Biodynamic Preparations with Lenna Keefer


February 19

Kitchen Pantry Herbal Wellness with Colleen O’Bryant


  February 25

Success with Seeds with Debby Ward 


March 24

Garden Trellis Making- Leena Keefer


March 26        

Love your Guts with Kellie Jordan 


April  15          

Medicinal & Culinary Mushrooms with Mark Jones


May 20

Tulip Poplar Bark Basket Making with Leena Keefer


May 21

Wild Food Forage with Teresa Boardwine 


June 21

Solstice Harvest & Medicine Making Day with Teresa Boardwine


June 24

Botanical Sanctuary Development Teresa Boardwine


June 25

Flower Essence, energetics & magic  Lenna Keefer


July 23

Taste of Herbs with Katherine Adams



Plant Dyes from Nature  ~ Donna LaPre


August  27

Preservation and Fermentation  ~ Kellie Hughes Jordan


September 24

Permaculture Landscaping with Edible and Medicinal Plants with Sarah Gibbs


October 14

Tree Magic & MedicineRobin McGee 


October 15

Roots, Rhizomes, Radicals Harvest & Medicine Making  ~ Teresa Boardwine


November 5

Beds & Biodynamics  ~ Lenna Keefer


These classes are offered as an Adjunctive Herbal Program, called Farm’ocology.  They may be taken as a 16 day program or taken separately as single classes.  Registration for the entire series, includes a reduced fee for total tuition, for which there will be a certificate given.  Or take one day at a time and just pick and choose topics and dates which align with your interests.

All classes begin at 10 and end at 3 and, 5-hour classes, are on site at Green Comfort. Lunch is not provided unless noted.  Tea and snacks are always available during class.

Come spend the day in the Green Comfort.  Enjoy the lesson and experience the connection you have with plants and nature as you deepen your walk on the Earth.

You will receive a welcome letter, directions and the course description by email when you register.  We look forward to your participation.