Elder Flower

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After a lovely day of Wildcrafting we had collected: Elder Flower, Coltsfoot, Yarrow, and Mullein. We combined our bounty with some lovely offerings from Susan Leopold’s garden; sage, hyssop, and thyme and made an upper respiratory syrup.

Nature’s apothecary offers abundant Elder  blooming  in June.  The Elder Blossoms are used for upper respiratory anticatarrhal (clearing of excess).  Our desire to capture these delicate sweet little blooms  motivated our wild-crafting day and inspired this delicious cordial:


Fleur d’Elder Cordial

fleur  au elder cordialRecipe:

1 quart Elder Flowers


1 Lemon Rind

3 cups Lemon Schnapps (21% alcohol)

1/2 cup Vodka  to top off quart jar (50%)

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