Food As Medicine – Kellie Jordan

Fermentation and Preservation

Sunday, August 27

10 – 4

Kellie Jordan, instructor

Come to “get BUBBLY”, with Medicinal Foods & Ferments. This instructional workshop will introduce the basics of fermentation as a wonderful way to preserve the harvest of summer vegetables. We will share seasonal recipes to celebrate the transition into autumn. Nutrient-dense meal planning in prepping and preserving will be discussed. I will also offer tips to sneak in superfoods to your diet. We will cover seasonal and local eating as a lifestyle choice.   Bring your notebooks!    Take home a hand-crafted ferment made by you and recipes galore!

Kellie Jordan, instructor

I am a farmers market junkie. Eleven years ago, I read the book Real Food, by Nina Planck, and it opened my eyes to the reality of the food industry. Down this path, I bumped into the Weston A. Price Foundation and learned about whole, traditional foods and preserving the harvest with salt.

I’ve been fermenting ever since and experimenting every which way, shopping locally and eating seasonally, preserving food in the old ways to keep the darker months exciting.

I hope to share these methods and this Locavore lifestyle with you!  Life is one giant Experiment, after all, so let’s pop some bail tops and share a bubbly glass of booch!