Phyto-Intensives ~ Energetics and Traditional Diagnostic Skills for the Herbal Practitioner (July 22)


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Clinical herbalists need many skills to conduct an herbal practice while providing education and health care to the patients and the community. 

The Clinical Intensives are offered once a month as a clinical program or may be taken as singular classes. 

This tract of classes was developed to provide continuing education hours for the herb student who finished a Foundations program and is gaining experience and deepening understanding of the plants and their phyto-therapeutic application.  Each intensive will include some of the following methods and always include case studies, Materia Medica of selected plants and provide access to the power point slides for their use and continued studies. 

  • Clinical Intensive Topics
  • Materia Medica – of 4-6 selected herbs per intensive
  • Protocol Presentations by visiting presenters
  • Case Study development as required of students
  • Power point presentations for each topic shared
  • Hands-on creation and expression offered to further understanding and application.


July 22        Energetics and Traditional Diagnostic Skills for the Herbal Practitioner

  •  Introduction to the Four Elements
  •  Principles of Energetic Medicine
  •  Energetics of the plant remedies
  •  Pulse Diagnostics
  •  Tongue Diagnostics
  •  Application of the diagnostic techniques to determine the  energetic use of herbs for balance and harmony
  •  Materia Medica:  Yarrow, Ladies Mantle,  Wood Betony,    Blue Vervain


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