Mini Spotlights – Natural Beauty

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Originally published in Natural Awakenings October 31, 2016

Mini Spotlights – Natural Beauty

Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine

Since 1994, Teresa Boardwine, RH, AHGI, has been on a mission to educate and empower others to heal themselves using herbal medicine—both on the inside and outside—through the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine. Boardwine, the founder of the school and an herbalist for 22 years, she also is registered with the American Herbalist Guild.

Her school is located in a yurt in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of norther, Virginia, as the curriculum is best experienced by the senses and interaction with the plants, people in the class and the elemental beings of the mountains.

She offers a wide array of classes and workshops, teaching her students a wide range of educational opportunities, from the basics of herbalism and instructing them on how to make tinctures, cordials and elixirs. Her gifts as an educator enable her to fulfill her deep passion—to connect people and plants. Beginning in the new year, Boardwine will be offering two new courses; Farmocology and Western Energetics of Herbalism.

To connect her students to the realm of natural beauty and love, Boardwine will again be offering the Botanica Erotica Love Feast on February 4, 2017. As she notes, “Plants play a vital utilitarian role in the rituals and celebrations of love. Aphrodisiac plants can enhance such a ritual of sharing in love and intimacy…Herbs that have aphrodisiac properties potentiate physical passion.” Plants have been used historically in every culture and after taking this class, her students will be well equipped to their own research.

For decades, Boardwine has delighted in offering to her many students and clients her perspective on medicinal plants with healing benefits specific to their needs. Her encouragement to find health and beauty in the world of plants has touched the lives of so many from the greater D.C. metro area.

For more information, contact her at or visit

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