Clinical herbalists need many skills to conduct an herbal practice while providing education and health care to the patients and the community.   The Clinical Intensives are offered once a month as a clinical program or may be taken as singular classes. 

This tract of classes was developed to provide continuing education hours for the herb student who finished a Foundations program and is gaining experience and deepening understanding of the plants and their phyto-therapeutic application.  Each intensive will include some of the following methods and always include case studies, Materia Medica of selected plants and provide access to the power point slides for their use and continued studies. 

  • Clinical Intensive Topics
  • Materia Medica – of 4-6 selected herbs per intensive
  • Protocol Presentations by visiting presenters
  • Case Study development as required of students
  • Powerpoint presentations for each topic shared
  • Hands-on creation and expression offered to further understanding and application.


March     25       Gut Health Recovery ~ Includes microbiome, methylation & digestive disorders

April        28       Blood Tonics  of East & West 

April   29-30      Southern Blood Medicine – Matthew Wood                        additional fee & registration necessary

May         20       Oxidation & Inflammation Rescue

July         22        Introduction to Herbal Energetics – Traditional Diagnostic techniques, Pulses & Tongue

August    26       Nerves & Adrenals Stress, Depression and Anxiety protocols ~ Adaptogen & Nervine Materia Medica

September 23    Addiction, Withdrawal & Detox ~ Protocols & Materia Medica

November  4      Trauma Support and Herbal First Aid

Phyto Therapeutic Topics

March 25       Gut Health Recovery

  • Learn how to build a healthy Microbiome
  • Understand the Gut Brain Barrier and how it affects total health when compromised.
  • Discover how to restore a Leaky Gut Membrane.
  • Optimize Liver function and the secretion of digestive juices.
  • Decipher the genetic code of Methyltetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) to determine how this affects overall health and wellbeing.
  • Learn the basic benefits of Fermented and Cultured Foods
  • Presentation of Dysbiosis Protocol
  • Review a Case Study of a Methylation Cycle excess
  • Materia Medica Assignment of the following herbs:       Agrimony, Marshmallow, Burdock, Artichoke, Fennel

April 28         Blood Tonics & Heart Health

  • Learn how building healthy blood can stabilize an individual.
  • Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides to restore balance in the blood.
  • Establish blood stasis through nourishment, food and water.
  • Develop Elixirs for healthy blood
  • Discuss how Exercise and Lifestyle factors affect Cardiac Health
  • Power point presentation on Blood Tonics for restoring health
  • Materia Medica: Hawthorn, Bilberry, Goji berry, Fo-Ti

 May 20         Oxidation & Inflammation “Prevention of  Rusting from the inside out”

  • Learn what causes inflammation and the cascade of inflammatory response.
  • Discover how to inhibit oxidation by increasing anti-oxidants in the diet.
  • Be able to reduce systemic inflammation and target specific areas of concern.
  • Understand how Auto-Immune Conditions can be mediated by reducing the inflammatory foods, allergens and toxic overload on the body.
  • Discussion of Immuno-Modulation using herbs to increase the body’s resilience and healing.
  • Power Point Presentation on Inflammation and Anti-oxidants
  • Materia Medica:  Schizandra berries, Reishi Mushroom, Ginkgo, Turmeric, Yucca

July 22        Energetics and Traditional Diagnostic Skills for the Herbal Practitioner

  •  Introduction to the Four Elements
  •  Principles of Energetic Medicine
  •  Energetics of the plant remedies
  •  Pulse Diagnostics
  •  Tongue Diagnostics
  •  Application of the diagnostic techniques to determine the  energetic use of herbs for balance and harmony
  •  Materia Medica:  Yarrow, Ladies Mantle,  Wood Betony,    Blue Vervain

August 26      Remedies for Nerves & Adrenals to balance: Stress, Depression & Anxiety

  •   Restore weary nerves
  •   Reduce Anxiety
  •   Conquer Stress
  •   Reverse Fight or flight
  •   Build in plans to remediate
  •   Adrenal Adaptogen BonBon Recipes
  •   Create tonics to restore the nervous system
  •   Materia Medica:  Eleuthero,  Passion flower,  Chamomile,    Kava,  Skullcap

September 23           Addiction Withdrawal and Detox

  •    Supporting the individual
  •    Educating the community, families and care takers
  •    Networking with rehab facilities
  •    Protocol and techniques
  •    Materia Medica:  Kudzu, Milk Thistle, Gymnema, Ginseng,      Cinnamon

 November 4              Trauma Support & Herbal First Aid

  •   Trauma Care and Support techniques and language
  •   Grief Care for families and community
  •   Treatment for PTSD
  •    Creating packages for First Responders
  •    Herbal First Aid for wounds and trauma
  •    Supplies, Teas and Tonics for those affected by loss
  •    Materia Medica: Rose,  Calendula,  Burdock,  Yarrow,              Holy Basil

Tuition and Registration:

Classes begin at 9:30 and end at 4:30, 7 hour day

Lunch is either brown bag or potluck depending on the class

Each intensive is $100. for a single day

Register for all 7 classes for a reduced fee of $70. = $630.

Send your short bio along with contact information as you register.


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